Professional Analysis of Recorded Materials

Professional Services

Nemesysco's service centers employ Nemesysco’s security-level technology (not available to the public), rigorous methodology, and the skills and experience of specially trained analysts to provide you with expert-level analyses and results. All that is required from the client, in most instances, is the recorded voice sample or conversation in any form (cassette, CD, DAT) and a few background details to help us analyze the results in proper context. Each protocol is examined by two analysts independently, with the final report generated under the supervision of the Service Center manager.

The Analysis Process

Recordings may be delivered either via the Internet or by any other means such as a tape, a CD, or a DAT recording. In the pre-analysis phase, the recorded material is processed to filter out background noises and provide a clean audio signal for the analysis.

An initial analysis sequence is performed to provide preliminary results. A supervisor then performs a more refined second-tier analysis. Depending on the type of analysis, the subject's "Emotional Profile" is matched with our profile database to add a tertiary analysis layer. Once all data has been generated and analyzed, the final report will summarize the full results in a clear and comprehensible format.

Overall analysis time per case for a three minute recording is 20 minutes. Results are normally provided within 48 hours, and in urgent cases, we will provide the analysis in 24 hours or less.

Suitable recording length: No less then two minutes and no more than 60 minutes recording. Although analyses for extended recordings are also available, there is no need to conduct a very long conversation for the analysis process. The main goal is to provide a recording in which all the relevant questions you need to verify are asked, preferably, twice. You can consult us before having the conversation/interview. This however, does not apply to cold cases where recorded material already exists.

Cost: The cost is R80 for every recorded minute with a minimum of R400 per recording.

Recording quality: Although we have the means to clean noise from recorded material, any such operation might impair the results. Please do your best to provide us with a clean and high quality recording as possible.